Pre Trade Allocation Trg

Airmen Training Institute

TYPE OF TRAINING : Initial Professional Course.

AIM : The aim of this course is to allocate trade and BD number to the airmen of BAF after their initial recruit training.

  • To learn English language to keep them qualified in functional English.
  • To enable them to remove their common mistakes in English.
  • To acquire knowledge about certain general aspects of service.
  • To acquire knowledge on required topics of Mathematics which will help to understand their trade subjects.
  • To acquire knowledge of physics and chemistry as a part of their trade requirements.
  • To acquire knowledge on Engineering Drawing.
  • To acquire knowledge about certain geographical aspects.
  • To learn some aspects of computer and office management that will be helpful for performing their operational skill and efficiency in the service.

  • English
  • GSK
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Geography
  • Office Management
  • Computer
  • General Knowledge

LOCATION : Airmen Training Institute, BAF

Duration : 07 weeks.

Frequency : 01 course in a year.

Entry standard : Recruit with successful completion of initial training.

Language : English.