Airmen Training Institute

TYPE OF TRAINING : Professional Course.

AIM : The aim of this course is to equip the newly enrolled Education Instructors with the knowledge of correct Instructional Techniques and Public Speaking along with knowledge of general aspects of the service so that they can effectively and efficiently perform instructional and service duties.

  • To learn the role of an instructor.
  • To prepare a classroom lesson effectively.
  • To use the learning aids judiciously.
  • To prepare a lesson plan to suit the class.
  • To master different types of instructional methods.
  • To be familiar with individual differences of human beings.
  • To be familiar with the laws and factors of learning.
  • To be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of public speaking.
  • To master the skill of presentation on the dais before an audience.
  • To be regimented individual.
  • To be familiar with management related topics.
  • To be familiar with parade, PT, etc.

  • Instructional Technique
  • Education Psychology
  • Public Speaking
  • Management
  • Office Management
  • General Service Knowledge
  • Air Force Law
  • Library and Information science
  • Phonetics
  • Lesson Presentation and Assessment
  • General Service Training

LOCATION : Airmen Training Institute, BAF

Duration : 18 weeks.

Frequency : As per schedule.

Entry standard : APWO.

Language : English.