Logistics Assistant (ST)

Airmen Training Institute


The aim of this course is to impart knowledge to the Advance Trainees of Logistic Assistant trade about the Logistic Organization, Function and Administration at all levels, primarily on Log Management System, Store Keeping Procedure and General Discipline of BAF. The course also aims at imparting elementary knowledge on Log Organization, Manuals and Parts catalog, Publications, Procurement of equipment procedure of various ranges of Technical and Non-Technical Equipment used in BAF. In addition procurement, issue, receipts storing and accounting procedure on various ranges of Technical and Non-Technical items used in BAF. This Course maintains supply chain management of Bangladesh Air Force.


Ser No Name of Topics
1. Aim and Object of Logistic Branch.
2. Orientation of Log Organization.
3. Glossary of Equipment Terms, Abbreviation, Forms used in Logistic Branch.
4. General Supply Procedure.
5. Air Movement Procedure.
6. Transportation of Equipment.
7. POL Procedure.
8. Inspection Procedure.
9. Receipt of Aircraft in BAF.
10. Explosive Procedure.
11. Stock record Procedure.
12. Equipment Publication.
13. Accounting of equipment.
14. Duties & Responsibilities of different appointment of Logistic Branch.
15. Export/Import Procedure.
16. Fire Precaution and Fire Control.
17. Storage and Preservation of Equipment.
18. Gases Procedures.
19. Supply procedure of different ac & Spares.
20. Accounting of Spare Parts and POL.
21. Clothing Policy of BAF personnel.
22. Receipt of Vehicle in BAF.
23. Ware House Inventory Management System (WIMS).
24. Textile Engineering & Technology.