Airmen Training Institute

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Airmen Training Institute is located at BAF Base Zahurul Haque, on the confluence of Karnafuli River and the Bay of Bengal, is a vital training institute of Bangladesh Air Force. This institute was established on the 4th of August, 1975 named as Training Wing for Military and Technical Training for airmen of Bangladesh Air Force of various trades. On 25th October 2018, Honorable Prime Minister of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the institute’s infrastructure as Airmen Training Institute. The Airmen Training Institute has made a significant contribution to the development of competent manpower for the Bangladesh Air Force since its establishment. Apart from the trainees of Bangladesh Air Force, the trainees from Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and friendly countries have completed training successfully from this unique training institute. This institution plays a central role in the growth of professional human resources for Bangladesh Air Force and the country in general and technical subjects.

Airmen Training Institute has been successful in providing basic and advanced training to all technical trades except for Medical Assistant, Music, MTOF, ATCA and Radar Operators. This institute offers a seven-week Pre Trade Allocation training (PTAT) course, Trade Training Basic (TTB) course of 39 weeks and Trade Training Advance (TTA) course of 36 weeks. Trainees from technical trades are taught mathematics, physics, chemistry, general knowledge, engineering drawing, English and related disciplines. This institution imparts knowledge on English, General Service Knowledge, Mathematics and related subjects to non-technical trainees. There are well-equipped physics, chemistry and modern computer laboratories for the trainees. Moreover, for the convenience of the earners, using modern multimedia projectors to provide up-to-date information and technical involvement in the learning. It also conducts Management Course, Basic Instructor Course (BIC) Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO’s) Course, Computer Familiarization Course and Education Instructor and Cypher Assistant Course

The activities of the Airmen Training Institute are conducted under the direction and supervision of the Commandant. He is headed by the Head of Gen Studies and Management Training Department, Head of Aero Engineering Training Department, Head of IT, Communication & Electronic Training Department, Head of General Admin Training Department, Head of Training Plan & Evaluation Department, Head of Air Ops Training Department, Head of Support Department and the Head of PF&DI Training Sqn. The training activities are supervised by qualified education and trade instructors, while general service training is directed by skilled physical fitness and drill instructors. Here the trainees take part in various sports including volleyball, football, basketball etc as well as various exhibitions such as PT display, Arms display etc and extra curriculum activities such as debate, annual magazine and wallpaper writing.

"Knowledge Discipline Patriotism" is the principle of Airmen Training Institute of Bangladesh Air Force which is the firm commitment to provide a high standard of training. Through education and professional knowledge, an airman achieved the opportunity to earn a diploma degree in a related trade after completing advance training. Management training helps to acquire the qualities of a skilled manager.