Commandant's Vision

Airmen Training Institute

Distinguished Visitors, welcome! Let me take the privilege to invite you to explore the Official Web portal of Airmen Training Institute, Bangladesh Air Force (ATI BAF). Please make it convenient to take a virtual tour to the most premier training institution of its kind in Asia. ATI BAF is the leading air force training institution of Bangladesh for conducting Aviation Maintenance and human skill development training to meet the national and global challenges.

To accomplish this visionary objective, courses and trainings at ATI BAF include all subjects and issues that impact or impinge on quality aviation maintenance, human skill development and discipline.

After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971 considering the importance of the professional knowledge and skill development of airmen, the authority of Bangladesh Air Force decided to establish a training center for Bangladesh Air Force. Accordingly, Training Wing was established on 26 July 1975. At the time of establishment, 3 squadrons under the training wing namely C&E Training Squadron, Admin Training Squadron and Education Training Squadron started working but later Aero Engineering Training Squadron joined it. On 26 Feb 2020, Training Wing BAF was transformed, restructured, reorganized and renamed with independent command as Airmen Training Institute (ATI BAF). Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) certified ATI BAF as Approved Part -147 Maintenance training and Examination Organization (MTOE). ATI BAF continues its efforts to be a center of excellence for providing quality education in the field of Aviation Maintenance and human skill development to meet the national and global challenges.

Over the past two decades or so, the ATI BAF achieved international prominence. So far ATI BAF has trained 255 foreign participants. ATI BAF and its trainees are held in highly trained specialized human resource within Bangladesh and around the globe. With a motto “Discipline and Patriotism Through Knowledge”, the vision of the institute is oriented towards its dedication of becoming the premier national institute of excellence dealing with aviation maintenance and human skill development. The institute envisages its responsibility to provide a common platform for the participants to provide comprehensive education and aviation maintenance training with a perspective to build operational, maintenance and administrative capabilities to respond to shared challenges. Trainings are designed to produce technologically advanced aviation maintenance technicians, intellectual trainers and professionals with high moral and ethical values to meet Bangladesh Air Force goal, socio-economic development of Bangladesh and global needs. We are committed to provide a working and learning environment in which all members of our community are able to realize their full potential.

As the Commandant of this prestigious institution, I respectfully acknowledge the contribution of our founders and all previous Commandants and Officer Commanding for their splendid insight and persistent dedication for bringing this institution into a standard of acclamation.