IT, Comm & Elect Eng Trg Dept (ICETD)

Airmen Training Institute

Moqbul Ahmed

Group Captain Md Mostafa Kamal,psc

Head of
IT, Communication & Electronic Technology Training Department
Mohammad Ashraf Uddin Chowdhury

Wing Commander Mohammad Ashraf Uddin Chowdhury, psc, Engg

Head of
Squadron Commander & Chief Instructor
Electric Technology Training Squadron, ICETD

Objectives of ICETD

Bangladesh Air Force is a highly technical sophisticated modern defense force. The number of modern fighter aircrafts, helicopters, transport aircrafts, trainer aircrafts, different types of radar systems, SAM systems, ground communication and navigation equipment etc. is available in BAF inventory. Round the year a huge number of skilled technicians are required to maintain that sophisticated aircrafts and systems. ATI BAF plays an important role to generate and provides such well trained and skilled technicians of different level in whole air force. IT, Communication & Electronic Technology Training Department (ICETD) is one of the important departments of ATI BAF that conduct trade training in radio technology, ground signaling and IT assistant trade at different level. ICETD provides training to establish, operate and maintain a significant part of sophisticated BAF trainer aircraft, transport aircraft, fighter aircraft and helicopter, communication and navigation equipment, ground and airborne electronics equipment, digital telephone exchange, SHORAD system, different types of surveillance ground radar, Air defense radar, Weather radar system and computer networking system that are eyes and ears of BAF. Moreover, the main training objectives and roles of ICETD of ATI BAF are as follows:

  • To provide trainees with a strong theoretical and practical knowledge foundation in Radio, Ground signaling and IT engineering fundamentals to enable them to devise and deliver efficient solutions to challenging problems in electrical & electronics, communication & information, computer networking and associated disciplines.
  • To generate technical core of competencies among the trainees in maintenance, service and repair of electronic equipment as well as to develop initiatives and innovative ideas for R&D to accomplish the BAF requirements.
  • To motivate the trainees in the art of self-learning as well as to impart advance knowledge on respective trade to work as NCO and to use modern tools for solving actual practical situation in the professional environments of engineering.
  • To build up the teamwork qualities of trainees as well as leadership skills and to adapt themselves with new technological challenges in relevant field.
  • To inculcate about professionalism and its values, effective research communication skills, prioritizing problems and solutions of technological issues in broader context among the trainees.
  • To encourage about the ethical attitude, social responsibility, discipline, devotion to service, truthfulness, good human being qualities and lead as a responsible citizen for developing the BAF community as well as for country.
  • To prepare the trainees for a successful career in Radio, Ground signaling and IT technology technician for BAF as well as for country. In near future, such technician will play an important role globally by creating job opportunity as skilled technician and will also play a role in the country‚Äôs economy.



Activities of ICETD

  • Round the year ICETD conducts and oversee the Trade Training Basic (TTB), Trade Training Advance (TTA) and Senior Trade (ST) / Integration courses of Radio, Ground signaling and Information Technology (IT) Assistant trade followed by passing out ceremony.
  • ICETD prepare the different class program of Trade Training Basic (TTB), Trade Training Advance (TTA) and Senior Trade (ST) / Integration courses as blue, yellow and white class program which reflects the scenario of overall courses.
  • ICETD frequently update syllabus and training curriculum changing with new technology of different courses of Radio, Ground signaling and IT Asst trade according to the requirement of BAF authority as well as with the consent of Commandant ATI BAF when needed.
  • ICETD conduct fundamental and advance theoretical training on relevant topic of different trades including CAAB ANO (AW) part -66 syllabus module for license category B1(aerospace) and B2(avionics).
  • ICETD prepare and conduct effective practical training on relevant work shop, live aircrafts and communication and computer network equipment.
  • ICETD maintain standard layout of avionics workshop/ laboratory and computer laboratory.
  • ICETD diagnose and repair problems with malfunctioning circuitry networks, ineffective electronic pieces, and missing or inoperative parts along with trainees to build up their practical ability in ATI environment.
  • ICETD maintain all training aid equipment and components including network related communication equipment by performing scheduled maintenance tasks, ensuring calibration of equipment and scheduling replacement when needed.
  • ICETD maintain devices or equipment that carry communication signals and setup, repair and test telephone network physical infrastructure and along with base C& E Squadron, BAF ZHR.
  • ICETD facilitate and maintain CAAB standard class room layout with computer, multimedia projector and PA system.
  • ICETD conducts and oversee all types computer-based exam like ISS, CTTB and base level LTTB exam round the year.
  • ICETD provide PA system support and ground electronics equipment. along with base C & E Squadron, Ground Electronic Flight and cover all the events of ATI.
  • ICETD provides modern information technology facilities for smooth operation of ATI official activities by establishing modern local area network, wireless access points, high performance servers, and comprehensive portal for the ATI, reliable access to the internet and instant maintenance support for IT equipment.
  • ICETD perform troubleshoot activities, set up hardware and manage software in computer and networks also ensure privacy and data protection.